Thursday, September 27, 2007


Road Trip
Well this is my first actual post to this Bloggy thing.

Spent the second week in September touring a number of American States by motorcycle with a friend. The bikes ran well with the exception of the sorry excuse of a seat on my Road King. That thing will find a garbage can come Spring. It astounds me that companies can advertise and sell bikes as “touring” motorcycles (this includes most brands) and then put a fifty cent seat on that isn’t comfortable 20 minutes out of your driveway. Oh well it is good for the aftermarket.

Speaking of shopping for things for the bike my trip to the US has convinced me that I will no longer deal with the gouging Canadian retailers in any way shape or form. With the dollar at par I still see a whopping 30-50% price difference. Thanks boys but may your stock rot on the shelves.

Well, back to the trip. The first thing that struck me was the condition of American highways, and no I am not talking about interstates. This trip of 3000km saw us on interstates for less than 100km, the rest was on 2 lane backroads through every little Podunk town and burg out there and guess what. The asphalt was like glass. I can sum up U.S. vs. Canada road maintenance as follows.


”Looks like we have a pothole or 30 here Jake what should we do?”
“Well Jim lets take care of that right away”
“Okay Jake I will get a crew out to repair it.”
“Don’t be stupid Jim just put up one of these BUMP AHEAD signs and we are good for the next 5 years.”


”Looks like we have the start of a possible pothole here Bob what should we do?”
“Well Steve lets take care of that right away”
“Okay Bob I will get a crew out to repair it.”
“Don’t be stupid Jake put the order in and we will repave this section and the next 50 miles as well just to be sure there are no more.”

Besides that good food, good beer and low prices. For example 8 oz. (was way closer to 16oz. than 8) Prime Rib, salad bar and two pints of a fine Black and Tan all for less than $20. Another night a great meatball Calzone, 3 pints of the same all for $12.

Also stopped and saw "Falling Water" for those of you who don't know what it is.....look it up. It is amazing

I do love living close to the border.


Jennifer said...

Ya know...if you'd get Clementine fixed up I might be tempted to join you on your next over the border journey! :)

Site is looking fine!

Jovita said...

Thanks Paul for visiting my blog and adding me to your blogroll. I added you to mine as well.

My dh changed out his seat to a gel seat. He said it was the most comfortable seat for long trips. The only thing he didn’t like was that the gel inside would heat up parked in the sun and get a little too warm.

I had to laugh about the potholes... we get some pretty big one’s here in Colorado. Although we do like to complain, they do a pretty good job of getting them fixed.

I had to sign in using my stamping blog... LOL
~ Jovi