Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Francesca and the defibrillator

Went out this weekend to start Francesca in preparation for a ride to work on Monday. Her battery gave one slow spin and then clickety clickety. DEAD!!!

Figured this would be a good time to try the mini-charger I bought this year. Of course unlike Clementine who exposes things like that with just a lift of the seat Fracesca's heart is not so easy to get at. In the interests of sleekness and Italian beauty Ducati saw fit to place her battery under the right fairing centre section. Of course the side fairing is in three pieces and the bottom and top come off in order to get at the centre section. So about 45 minutes later the battery is exposed and the charger goes on. I must say these little chargers work great! Twelve hours later and she is ready to again. Fairing is back on it's off to work tomorrow. This is good as the weather is calling for a bit of rain and she provides much better weather protection than the Harley does.

Off again next weekend for New York to visit a friend from Kosovo. Nothin too far just a little burg about 30 miles from Cooperstown and about a 7 hour ride through Adirondack State Park. Colours should still be good and I will take rain gear and cool weather gear just in case.


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