Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Ride for the Year?

Haven't posted anything here for awhile.

Decided on the 12th of October to head down to Gilbertsville NY to visit a firend. Just a little over 500km from home. It was a cold damp day with temps in the 5-6C degree range and got mistier as I passed through Adirondack Park. Rain threatened continuously but nary a drop fell. Clemintine ran like a champ and I enjoyed the quiet. At this time of year there is very little traffic on the road and I like it that way.

Anyway got to NY and spent that evening drinking a little scotch and helping load wood into the cellar of my buddy's farmhouse. Spent Saturday loading a little more wood and touring around the area looking for used furniture and other bargains. Closed the evening with a fine pork roast and a little more scotch.

I had to be back at work on Monday so I left first thing Sunday. A beautiful cool autumn day and let me tell you I could have turned Clemintine in any direction and just kept going for a month or two.

Next Spring I will be adding a new seat and some other accoutremonts to help my wife be comfortable on the back. I really think it would be cool if she caught the bug and got herself a motorcycle. Francesca could easily be sacrificed in exchange for whatever struck her fancy. Then the two of us could head out together looking for those endless 2 lane highways and the small little podunk towns along the way.

Well that is it for now as I seem to have been a bit verbose today. Still riding to work and will do so until it starts to get icy. Dang I hate living in a place where I have to store the bike for 5 months of the year and oh yeah besides that work is starting to become somewhat of an inconvenience as well......I mean when am I supposed to find time to ride.

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