Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gone but never forgotten

I break today from my usual motorcycle related posts.

It is a sad sad time in our household. Our grand Newfoundland dog Bella has left us. She was only 2 years old but had suffered through many joint related problems. First last year she had an operation on a knee and during the operation it was discovered that she suffered from severe hip displacia. But she recovered and then in May of this year the other knee went and yet another operation. Finally this week her hips gave out completely and she was unable to walk anymore.

She was my companion and my friend and I loved her so. One does not know contentment in any greater form than when this majestic dog rested her massive head on your knee and looked up at you with the most beautiful brown eyes. I would have given anything I owned to have been able to save her but it was not to be. My wife and I took her for her last Vet visit and as we layed on the floor with her she quietly licked our hands and looked up as if to say "It is okay, I will be better now". Then she went to sleep and quietly passed. I miss her so much and my tears will not stop.

So goodbye my "Lady Isabella" your time was too short here with us but wait and some day when it is our time we will come and you will greet us and we will run and then lay under the afternoon sun....together.


Jennifer said...

A beautifully worded and heartfelt tribute to our dear 'Bella. You are so right! She'll never be forgotten and always a part of us. One day we'll all be reunited...I have to believe that.

All my love,

Shary said...

Oh dear your post was so poignant to me at this time. My 1 year old lab has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and I couldn't imagine life without her. My best wishes to you both.x