Saturday, September 13, 2008

It is that time of year again

Next friday the 19th we once again set out on our annual motorcycle epic. This year we are heading toward Mammoth Caves in Kentucky a round trip of about 3500km (2000miles). Will we get there? Who knows but is a direction and that is all we need.

We are being joined this year by a third bike so it will be two HOGS and a HONDA.

We are heading down through Williamsport, Pa. and then into West Virginia and Kentucky. Have not figured out how we are getting back yet. First night is booked at Bing's motel ($39.95 and free HBO, my kinda price).

In preparation this year I have added a Mustang seat to the bike due to the fact that the stock one was like sitting on a board. WooHoo does it make a difference. Next year Vance and Hines true duals as this baby needs to breath a little better as well.

I may even take more than my usual 3 pictures this time around and will post them upon our return.